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~♥~ ^^Short with Chubby Cheeks is LOVE!!!^^~♥~


Hello! I dunno how to really introduce myself well here so, I’ll just do it ‘profile’ style. XD
Name: Rielle
Nickname: Rielle, Rika, Rii
Location: Philippines
Age: 18 (93-liner)
Fandom: B1A4, BEAST, F.T. ISLAND
About me: Well, I write fics, only het. I make fics by request but I work in turtle-speed. :| I love reading fics from many other writers. I read yaoi and het but I can’t take yuri. X( I’m into wushu, a Chinese martial arts. I love it. I'm into KPOP now but I have yet to fix my LJ. I have so much to fix in my LJ... I'll try to be active again.
Add me if you want. :)

Please bare with my page first because I was on sort of a rush when I did this. I'll fix it up later...

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