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26 May 2009 @ 03:25 pm
Fic: Dark Night  

Title: Dark Night

Author: Rielle (aka hoshi_no_kage )

Pairings: Yabu Kouta x OC (Eiko Hayakawa)

Rating: G

Words: 1076

Disclaimer: I own nothin’ but the lame plot

Notes: I actually intended this to be a drabble but *points at number of words* guess not… Ya know how my drabbles are, sadistic and all but this one ain’t that sadistic. Epic fail though. Marsky (aka futarikiri ) read this already because I sent it to her through text. I just edited this a bit and it became so much longer. Anyway, this is for Marsky but I hope you guys will enjoy this too. ^^,

Summary: Two people with a history reminisce. Forgive the lame summary, okay??




I thought I was alone in that quiet, serene balcony with this wine glass in my hand, fuming a beautiful scent. I know who called me. How can I forget? That used to b the voice that sent comfortable chills down my spine. She has this angel-like voice which has become distinct to my ears. Special. A voice that used to bring a sense of bliss. It still does. At least not as much as it used to three months ago. There was a big difference to how thing used to be and how we are now. Even how she addressed me changed.

“Eiko - - chan?”

Why did I need to confirm when I knew exactly who it was? Formality perhaps. Things are different now. There is this certain change that we had to adjust to.

I looked over my shoulder and there she was, in a simple white cocktail dress and a silver heart pendant dangling on her neck. It replaced what she used to wear. It used to be the key pendant I gave which used to mean a lot to the both of us. She returned it three months ago at that last time we talked in the school rooftop.

“I thought I was alone here.” I said to her. “This place was empty.”

My attempt to start a simple chat isn’t as easy as it used to be. I looked away from her. I couldn’t face her yet. I don’t know if we’re ready to talk to each other yet.

“Do… Do you want me to leave?” She asked.

“No, stay…please.”

At the corner of my eye, I saw her smile, luminous as the moonlight hit her gentle lines. It has been so long ago since she had directed her smile to me. Long since she and I even looked at each other. Three long months to be exact. She moved closer to me, hesitant, not sure how we should interact. She leaned on the baluster as I did. I still haven’t given up on my attempt to make a conversation but I couldn’t really find the right words to say. This was the first time we actually had an interaction. It was supposed to be awkward but I guess we were both contented with the silence.

It was different. It wasn’t like how it used to be. A little far from how we used to be.

“Some party, huh?” Eiko said. My guess is she’s also trying to start casual talk. Not that it was awkward or anything, but for me, I just missed hearing that voice.

I looked at her and saw her beautiful features that I have always been dazzled with. She still was the person I fell in love with. She was looking up at the stars shining high up in the dark sky.

She noticed my gaze on her. She smiled once more, her eyes still fixed on the heavens above. “Remember when you told me you’d be watching me and if I felt alone and scared at night, just look up at the stars?”

 “I do. I told you they’re my servants, watching over you.” I replied. “I remember that so clearly.”

That memory didn’t hurt. I can remember that time when that happened. I recall it so well that I think it has been engraved in my heart. It was on her birthday late last year. We were stargazing that night. I remember giving her a bracelet with star charms.

“Yabu-kun, did you notice it was cloudy that night?”

I knew exactly what night she meant. It started to rain afterwards and I wanted to run back to her and shade her but I knew it was a wrong move. “Un… right after we went separate ways.”

It was three months ago but the memory is very vivid but it doesn’t hurt. Not like it used to.

“Somehow, being how we are now isn’t as bad as we imagined, ne?” I said. “It’s…okay. I like how we are.”

I glanced at her. She wasn’t looking at me. She was still looking above. Her expression was unreadable. “I do too.” She replied.

It was different…but it was okay.

I saw something shining on her wrist, reflecting the little light the moon provided.

“You’re still wearing that bracelet I gave you.” I pointed out.

“Yes.” She replied, looking at the bracelet, lifting her arm a bit to show. “I always have it with me. I always wear it whenever I can.”

I wanted to ask why but I didn’t. She answered my unspoken question.

“It’s because I know you’re still watching over me.” She said.

“I still am. Always did. Always will.”

We may not be together now but she still means a lot to me. She’s still important to me. That can never change.

She leaned her head on my shoulder. I could smell her as the distance between us disappeared. I miss that.

“Kou… I’m sorry.”

“I am too.” I replied softly that only she can hear.

There’s nothing I can do about it now. I miss the old days but I moved on and so did she. Many things have changed since that day. We’re now two different people, reminiscing the past we had. It was different, but it was okay. Enough tears have been shed and it was over. Right now, we’re okay. We’re cool with one another. There will always be that part of me that is Eiko’s but that part of me is quiet and comfortable with where we are.

Her phone vibrated. Lifting her head off my shoulder, she checked it.

“I gotta go. Yuya’s looking for me.” She said as she slowly backed away. I nodded.

Takaki Yuya. He’s who replaced me in her heart. That’s the truth I have finally learned to accept. She started to walk away and I watched her.

“Eiko-chan, I’ll always be here for you. Those stars are always there when you look up. Maybe not obvious, but they’re still there. Don’t forget.”

“I won’t.” She said and she was gone.

This is very different. Nothing compared to what we used to be. This is not what we used to be. But it was okay. We know things will never be the same but there will always be that part of me dedicated to her.

There was a dramatic change in our relationship, but the promise I made, to guard her, wouldn’t.

A/N: So, how was it? Told you it’s epic fail. It’s not that sadistic though. ^_^

Random:  When I went to school last week, I saw this: "Start of classes: June 3"... TT^TT  Why so cruel?? I hope I don’t get into her class. RL, you know who I mean.


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Audrey: Jun: Mine!stormytwilight on May 26th, 2009 08:14 am (UTC)
Ohmygod sadist. XD

Poor Yabu. D:
Rielle: Daiki: 15 (^_^)vhoshi_no_kage on May 27th, 2009 06:41 am (UTC)
Hey! It's not as sadistic as usual. ^^, What I made for you before was VERY sadistic, ne? This was supposed to show...erm... a 'cool relationship' between the characters after breakup. But my sadistic side made it still too sadistic, ne? XD

Ikr. :(
Kex be the AWSM-est, desu yo~airkiss17 on May 26th, 2009 08:29 am (UTC)
waiii~ is this multi-chap?

Write more,ne!
Riellehoshi_no_kage on May 27th, 2009 06:16 am (UTC)
This ain't really a multi-chap thing. That's it. ^^; IT's just one of those I wrote out of sheer boredom... I won't continue this but I'll write more.... Soon... ^_^